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‘Monster Candy:’ Graphic Novel Review

Monster Candy

Monster CandyTen-year-old Timmy loves Halloween more than any other kid on his block. In fact, he loves Halloween so much, he wishes it was year round. But, when new neighbors move into the scariest house on the block, Timmy better be careful what he wishes for. He realizes he must use all of his resources to stop his new, otherworldly neighbors from handing out candy that turns children into monsters.

The artwork in Monster Candy is wonderfully atmospheric and instantly reminded me how much I love Fall and Halloween. The story is well-developed and, overall, it’s an enjoyable read. This would be a great graphic novel to read with kids or to simply amp up anyone’s Halloween spirit. It has some slightly scary imagery but should be appropriate for most children.

The only caveat is that Monster Candy ends with a “To Be Continued” storyline. The book is wonderful on its own up until the final twist, and then kids may be clamoring for the story to continue. It’s unclear if the next installment, Goldie Locks and the Three Monsters, will have anything to do with Halloween, but, on its own, Monster Candy is a wonderful Halloween read!

Monster Candy is a graphic novel by Brian Phillipson and Alex Murillo with artwork by Alex Nino. This is the novel’s first printing through Bliss on Tap Publishing. It is a softcover with 48 pages in full color.



Ellen Tremiti, Fanbase Press Contributor



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