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Star Wars: Blood Ties—Boba Fett is Dead #1 Advance Comic Book Review


SW - Blood Ties 1Before I begin with my review, I feel the need to share a little bit about myself.  Boba Fett has always been my favorite thing about Star Wars.  When I was growing up and kids argued over who got to play Han Solo, I always called dibs on Boba Fett and even dressed up as the Mandalorian for multiple Halloweens.

Being the fan that I am, I was very excited when it was announced that there would be a sequel to the mini-series Star Wars: Blood Ties.  For those of you who have not read the original one, I strongly recommend you pick it up (as well as another miniseries called Jango Fett: Open Season); however, I will give you a quick synopsis to catch you up.


Twenty-two years before the Battle of Yavin, Jango Fett accepts a bounty for a mysterious masked man.  Upon killing him, Jango discovers that the man is a clone trooper (who, as we all remember, are all clones of Jango himself), who has fled his military life to be a free man.  After collecting on the bounty, Jango sets aside money for the clone’s wife and son.

Years later, after Jango has been killed and Boba is now on his own, Boba is contacted about a bounty on a man named Connor Freeman.  During the course of this job, he discovers that this man happens to be the escaped clone’s son.  Through the course of this adventure, he wrestles with collecting on the bounty or rescuing his somewhat brother.  In the end, he decides to save Connor and allow him to go about his life.

Now, on to the latest adventure: Star Wars: Blood Ties – Boba Fett is Dead.  Years later (we are now about ten years before Yavin), Connor is now the proprietor of a cantina, and he discovers the news that Boba Fett has been killed.  This leads to a mysteriously shrouded person hunting down Fett’s killers.

In its first issue, Boba Fett is Dead appears to be a fun, mystery follow-up to the original Blood Ties.  With elements of a Raymond Chandler novel, it follows in the footsteps of sci-fi noirs such as Blade Runner and Alphaville.  These elements were touched on in the Star Wars prequels (Obi-Wan’s arc in Attack of the Clones) but tended to get pushed aside for the less interesting romance angle.  It was always my opinion that this should have been the approach to the prequels, and I feel glad to finally see these type of stories told in the Star Wars universe.

I strongly recommend the Blood Ties comics to any Star Wars fan (especially those Boba Fett fans out there).  These are the sort of stories that were alluded to in the original trilogy that led to Boba Fett being the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.


Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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