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‘Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

It can be difficult to replicate an actor’s voice in a comic book, but writer Nick Abadzis has been doing a great job capturing David Tennant’s frenetic and wordy cadence in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor.

Additionally, the new companion is an equally charismatic character in the comic book adaptation. Gabby manages to be more than just a vehicle for exposition by being intelligent and resourceful. She even rescues the Doctor due to her quick thinking. By the way, if, like me, you are addicted to Doctor Who: Legacy, then make sure to pick up issue one in order to get the code to unlock Gabby as a playable character.

The techno-babble in Doctor Who has a distinct and charming zaniness about it, and this issue keeps with that tradition. The Tenth Doctor gets another one of his gadgets and also uses washing machines to link to a wormhole.

Speaking of Doctor Who tradition, observant readers may even notice a reference to Cameca in this issue. Whovians will remember Cameca as the woman the First Doctor accidentally proposed to with a cup of cocoa in “The Aztecs.”

Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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