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‘Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

This issue takes place between Series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who; however, it works as a great point for new Whovians to jump in.

After Amy and Rory’s wedding and Christmas honeymoon, the Doctor has left them to settle into married life, as he has some adventures of his own. During his travels, he meets Alice, whose life has been spiraling out of control since her mother’s recent death. The book’s art mimics her life in that it starts off using only shades of grey and then color quickly invades the pages as the Doctor bumps into her life.

Alice is an interesting character, and I mostly like her relationship with the Doctor, but in some ways it seems a bit backward. Several times, she takes the lead in their investigation to find the multicolored alien dog they are chasing, while the Doctor almost feels like her companion. Perhaps their relationship will be developed in future issues, and we will learn that the Doctor is just playing dumb in order to see how smart she really is.

The issue also sets up something to look forward to. A mysterious Time Lord is seen lurking in the shadows watching the Doctor. While we do not yet know his intentions, when Time Lords appear, it usually means trouble for the Doctor.

Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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