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‘Blade of the North Wind: Volume 1’ – Graphic Novel Review

You know those comic books that you take a look at the artwork and know instantly that you need to get it without even needing to know what it is about?  Blade of the North Wind: Volume 1 was one such book for me.

It is set in Artharú, where monsters and dark magic exist.  The story follows a boy named Drasin, whose village is attacked by one such tribe of monsters known as the Kgarra.  The attack transforms Drasin from an idealistic youth into a warrior who embarks on a quest.

The book almost reads more like a silent movie than a comic book.  The stunning visuals carry the bulk of the storytelling, while the succinct narration works to fill in the details.  The mostly black-and-white artwork manages to convey a fantastically dark world that makes the reader want to see more.

Volume 1 does a great job at establishing this world and the characters; however, I feel like the story really starts in the last couple of pages.  I look forward to Volume 2 and hope that it fulfills the promise in this book of an epic saga.

Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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