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‘Invincible #104:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Before talking about Invincible #104, it is probably a good idea to start with a quick recap. Last issue saw the return of Angstrom Levy as he attacked Atom Eve and sent Invincible to a barren parallel universe. The same universe that he abandoned the evil Invincible doppelgangers from Invincible War. Back in Invincible’s home universe, Eve’s pregnancy prevents her from using her powers to stop Angstrom.

Left to fend for herself as a hostage without her powers, she must fight by whatever means necessary. As she goes head-to-head against Angstrom Levy, we are once again reminded why Atom Eve is so great. In many ways, this month’s issue is her story.

It seems that every time Angstrom returns, he has a new trick up his sleeve, and this time is no exception. He has upgraded his orbs so their video feed goes directly to his brain, so he no longer needs to watch monitors and can use them in battles. Much like Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, he does not even need to be facing his opponent to see them.

This issue also saw the return of the mohawked alternate Invincible. It may come as no surprise to readers that I have an affinity for mohawks. I was very pleased to see that he is still alive and will most likely be returning again to cause trouble for Invincible.



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