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‘Invincible Universe #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Invincible Universe 1The world is still recovering from the aftermath of “The Death of Everyone,” and it is up to Cecil Stedman to return everything to the status quo. This issue picks up at the end of Invincible #100 and follows Cecil as he deals with the massive, world-wide cleanup.

Phil Hester writes this issue which gives us a closer look at some of the supporting characters in the Invincible universe. The writing has a bit of a different feel from Robert Kirkman’s usual tone for the series. His approach is more serious and less humorous, which works to convey the clinical approach of the agency. In addition to seeing more of the morally ambiguous Cecil, we learn a bit more about the inner-workings of the Guardians of the Globe, particularly involving Kid Thor and his unsettling resurrection.

One of the more interesting aspects of Invincible comics is that characters are usually introduced without the readers learning their origins. Typically, we are given a complete history of heroes or villains when they first appear in comic books. In this series, characters are brought in who already have a history, and over the years we have slowly learned about their origins. In this issue, we finally get the backstory of Mr. Liu and his dragon. It appears that there is more going for this man than just an evil supervillain leading an organized crime syndicate.



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