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‘Invincible #100:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Invincible 100The hundredth issue of Invincible picks up right where the previous one left off—with our titular hero about to die at the hands of Dinosaurus.  The entire world watches as the battle unfolds.

Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley have once again shaken up the world of Invincible and set it off in a new direction.  Several of the conflicts Invincible has mishandled in the past have returned.  In the decade since his first appearance, we have seen him grow and change, and it seems like the time has finally come for him to atone for his mistakes.

Over the years, we have slowly learned about the abilities and secrets of the Viltrumites, and the latest issue gave us another piece of the puzzle.  Viltrumites are the super powered alien race that includes Invincible and his father, Omni-Man.  Dinosaurus reveals another aspect of their powers and also infers that there is still much to learn about them.

This issue also saw the return of Omni-Man and Angstrom Levy.  While each of their appearances were brief, they still manage to get one excited about their roles in the future of the series.




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