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‘Invincible #99:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Invincible 99Here we are in the middle of “The Death of Everyone.” Invincible #99 gives us part two of the story that will conclude next month with Issue #100. In the previous issue, Dinosaurus triggered a massive global flood in order to wipe out the world’s coastal cities. In this issue, the Guardians of the Globe are stretched to the limit as they concentrate on disaster relief in the afflicted cities while Invincible is left to deal with Dinosaurus.


Mark Grayson recently lost his powers from the Scourge Virus, and Zandale Randolph stepped in as a substitute Invincible. His powers have since returned, and Mark has regained his role as Invincible. As a result, they are both operating under the mantle of Invincible. I like this idea; however, since Zandale is wearing the original Invincible costume, Mark has been wearing the blue and black costume he temporarily wore a while back. I have always liked the original costume better and wish that Mark was wearing that one instead.

In a very brief interlude, we get to see Grand Regent Thragg addressing the remnant of Viltrumites to discuss why they should not interfere with the events on Earth. Previously, Mark’s father predicted that spending time on Earth could change them as it did him. During this speech, Thragg alludes to just this sort of transformation from their interactions with humans, which makes me think that they will reform and save the day as a deus ex machina force in the next issue, or perhaps some other future story.

As Issue #100 approaches, one can only wonder what new chapter we have in store after the milestone. Could this be what causes Invincible’s exodus from Earth that the future version of Immortal mentioned back in Issue #54?


Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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