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‘Doctor Who #3:” Comic Book Review


Doctor Who 3Amy decides that “her boys” should spend some quality time together in order to bond. This leaves Rory and the Doctor stuck together on an adventure of their own. The boys immediately decide that they would just rather use their time machine to jump ahead to the future to pick up Amy and pretend they grew closer together.

In true TARDIS fashion, things do not go according to plan. Instead of moving ahead a few hours they show up a century too late. Now, the boys are lost and must keep time hopping to reunite with Amy.

Like many people, I enjoy Rory as a companion much better than Amy. In this issue, we finally get to see the boys go stag. It is full of everything from a saber-toothed tiger to a beloved British novelist stuck in the London Blitz. If you have also been waiting to see the mismatched pair without the only thing they have in common, then look no further.




Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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