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Tron: Legacy Review

tronlegacy d7bMovie sequels are rarely good, especially ones that have a decade or more gap between them.  Luckily, Tron: Legacy was able to break free from this stigma and was one of the few good movies in a mostly lackluster year of film.

When watching the movie, I remembered the wonder and awe that used to come from experiencing a Disney movie and, for a moment, forgot what an evil corporation it was.

The movie is far from perfect, but extremely enjoyable.  The story moved slowly at times, but I found this refreshing, as most movies these days try to shove far too many side plots and superfluous scenes in just to make it more fast-paced.

The special effects were dazzling.  The anti-aging of Jeff Bridges was really the only effect that I had a problem with, and even that was miles above any other attempt I have seen in other movies.  The technology is not quite there yet to completely emulate facial movements, and at a couple of points in the movie, I was bumped out because of this.

As for the soundtrack, what can I say other than it was the best part of the movie.  Daft Punk, who have a brief cameo as DJs in Castor’s club, did an amazing job.

I eagerly await the next installment in the Tron saga.  I can only assume that, with Cillian Murphy’s memorable cameo as Edward Dillinger’s son, they are setting him up to be Sam Flynn’s foil and the villain in the next movie.  I also think that Jeff Bridges will return as a sort of Jor-El mentor in the next one.  (Sam did copy over Kevin’s data disc, which one can assume will save his consciousness.)


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