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‘Doctor Who Ongoing Volume 3 #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Doctor Who Ongoing 3 1During the episode “The Power of Three,” the Doctor shows up at Amy and Rory’s anniversary party and whisks them away in a whirlwind of adventures. We merely got glimpses of what transpired during this trip through a montage. This issue explores that time as it takes place during one of the stops.


The TARDIS, along with its three occupants, lands in London in 1851. Their intended destination is the exhibit at The Crystal Palace. One display in particular catches the Doctor’s attention. He describes it as a quantum resonator, which is capable of looking into hypothetical worlds to see what could have been (similar to the What-If Machine in Futurama). During this issue, Amy and Rory ponder what life would be like if Melody had not been taken from them, so we can only assume that the machine will provide them with this information in the second half of this story in next month’s issue.

IDW’s comics are known for having multiple covers for their issues. One of the variants for this issue is the most ingenious cover I have ever seen. It is a flattened out diagram of a TARDIS. You can cut it up, fold it together, and build your own paper model TARDIS! You might as well just buy two copies, so you can save one and use the other to make a miniature TARDIS.

The brilliance of this comic book is that whether you are an experienced Whovian or completely new to the world of Doctor Who, you can step right in and enjoy the ride. A brief blurb at the beginning of the issue explains who the Doctor is and gives the reader all of the information he or she needs. As someone who knows a bit about the show, I enjoyed the reference to the Fontana Brooke Mission (from the episode “The Waters of Mars”), as well as to the mummy (from another Mars themed episode, “Pyramids of Mars”).



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