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‘Invincible #95:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Invincible 95As with the last several issues of Invincible, we gained more information on the time Monster Girl and Robot spent in the Flaxan dimension.  In these flashbacks, we see how the many decades of ruling over the Flaxans have strained the relationship between the heroes.  Over the years, Robot has spent more time focusing on Flaxan political problems while growing more distant from Monster Girl.

Since the majority of this issue takes place in flashbacks drawn by Cory Walker, it is worth mentioning his art.  As the co-creator and original artist for the series, he formed the precedent for the aesthetics of the series.  Since leaving his post as artist for the series, he has still maintained a connection and returned to draw it from time to time.  Every time he returns, I feel that his art has improved immensely, and this time is no exception.  Compared to his original run, he currently draws much more detailed art.  There is more detail in the background, which makes the world seem much more expansive.  He is also able to draw characters which convey much more emotion now that his drawings are more intricate, and the shading adds more depth.

Without ruining the major revelation of this issue, I would like to say that it was an interesting twist.  Anyone who follows Invincible knows that Robert Kirkman has crafted a series that is a pastiche of many elements and conventions used in the genre.  He has the ability to rework ideas and make them fresh again.  In this issue he borrowed Chris Claremont’s original origin for Nightcrawler (which never made its way into X-Men canon and was replaced by a different origin that was finally confirmed with a ret-con in The Draco) and reshaped it to create a new story.



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