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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #8: Fugitoid’ – Advance Comic Book Review


TMNT FugitoidThe latest character in the Turtles universe to get the focus of a micro-series issue is Fugitoid. Issue #8 in the micro-series shines the spotlight on Fugitoid.

Dr. Honeycutt is a Neutrino who was forced into working for Krang. His scientific endeavors led to many discoveries, not the least of which was a shape-changing robotic avatar. He eventually escapes with his family and joins the Neutrino Resistance.


Krang hunts him down and orders an attack on the resistance’s base where he and his family live. The ensuing battle leaves Dr. Honeycutt without his family and trapped in his robot body. His new form causes Krang to dub him Fugitoid. He flees through the experimental portal he was working on and finds himself in New York City.

He has used his ability to change form to appear as human. In a clever twist we discover that not only has he been on Earth throughout the whole series, but he was also instrumental to the development of Splinter and the Turtles.

It is also worth noting that while Dr. Honeycutt was working for Krang, they discuss working on The Technodrome, which as we all know was Krang’s mobile fortress that instantly made any kid’s toy collection enviable. I am very excited by this tease and eagerly await the release of a new Technodrome play set.



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