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‘Guarding the Globe: Volume 1’ – Advance Trade Paperback Review


Guarding the Globe V1The Guardians of the Globe are Image Comics’ major superhero team who are usually relegated to supporting characters in Invincible. Guarding the Globe: Volume 1 collects the six-issue miniseries chronicling their first solo comic book.


While Invincible and Tech Jacket are off planet fighting “The Viltrumite War” (Invincible 71-78) and Monster Girl and Robot disappear to the Flaxan dimension, the rest of the Guardians of the Globe are left to save the world without them.  With so many heavy hitters missing, the team decides to add members to their roster. The new recruitment provides us with a plethora of colorful, new characters from around the world.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, the villains have a new plan, as well. The super crime organization known as The Order has been assembling its members in one concentrated strategy to take control of the world.

Although this takes place when the characters in Invincible split into three separate stories, it is meant to be a stand-alone story and a good point to jump into the Invincible universe. To check out the other two arcs, be sure to read “The Vilturmite War;” current issues of Invincible have flashbacks of Monster Girl and Robot in the Flaxan dimension.



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