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Torn in Two: The Files of Tatum Soaren, Volume 1 Review


Torn in TwoWithin the first page of the book, I was immediately captivated by author Brit Sigh’s use of the English language to describe a scene. In Torn in Two, he has crafted a psychological thriller full of twists and turns.


Tatum Soaren is an orphan who spent much of his adolescence in a psych ward under the care of Dr. Tristyn Holmes. She helped Tatum overcome his dissociative identity disorder and seemingly rid him of Landon, his violent other personality. While the concept of multiple personalities in a thriller seems a bit trite, Sigh is able to make it fresh. Instead of using it as a cheap plot twist, here it helps to create strong tension for the reader through dramatic irony.

Years later Tatum and Tristyn meet in a completely different context. She has moved on to become a professor, and he has enrolled in one of her classes. Once they reconnect she takes on more of a motherly mentor role in his life . . .  until Landon resurfaces to murder her. The tension grows as Tatum is left to solve the murder case, yet the audience is aware that her killer was Landon, and we are anxiously waiting for him to uncover the truth.

The book takes an interesting journey in a direction I did not expect. In light of allowing readers the same privilege that I had, I will say no more on where the story goes from here and, instead, recommend that they read it for themselves. I eagerly await the release of the second book in the series.




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