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Invincible #94: Advance Comic Book Review


Invincible 94As far as I am concerned, if I was only able to have one comic book title in my pull list, that book would be Invincible. As the series approaches Issue #100, it still remains as fresh and exciting as ever.


Invincible is a half-human, half-viltumite superhero armed with super strength, flight, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. After dropping out of college and having an uneasy end to his career as a government superhero, his girlfriend Atom Eve (who has the ability to reconstruct inorganic matter) came to the same conclusion that every comic book reader has. She decided that they should make money off their abilities by contracting themselves out to protect prisons, banks, and other locations constantly under attack by super villians.

After losing his powers due to the Scourge Virus, Mark Grayson has had to step down as Invincible. In order to keep the super powered security company going, they enlisted the help of Zandale Randolph (Bulletproof) to take on the role of Invincible.

Recently, teammates Monster Girl and Robot reappeared from their time in an alternate dimension, and we have been left with the mystery of what happened there. As we know from previous Flaxan attacks, the time in their dimension runs differently than ours. We have since discovered that their stay lasted for centuries.

While Ryan Ottley has been drawing the current storyline of a new Flaxan invasion, co-creator and original artist Cory Walker has returned to draw the flashback sequences that have slowly been revealing the mystery of their time spent there. The differing art styles combine to create a unique experience that enhances the weaving of two different, yet related, stories.

Without spoiling the reveal on the last page, we finally get a major piece of the puzzle that leaves us with a cliff-hanger of epic proportions.


Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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