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‘Nowhere Men #7-8:’ Comic Book Review

Nowhere Men is back! I’ve been hooked since the very first issue was released back in 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nowhere Men, let me familiarize you. It is set in a world where we treat scientists as if they were rock stars. Four of these rock star scientists, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange, Dade Ellis, and Thomas Walker, The Fab Four, form a company called World Corp., with the mission to make the world around them a better place. Unfortunately, due to infighting as well as the mysterious disappearance of Thomas Walker, World Corp. is brought to its knees. If you’re as big of a Beatles fan as me, this is a great comic book for you. Imagine (no pun intended) The Beatles as scientists. Now, pick your jaw up off the floor and grab your copy of Nowhere Men issues 1-8 today!

When we are first introduced to The Fab Four, there are actually only three of them. Thomas Walker has mysteriously gone missing. The remaining members, Simon, Emerson, and Dade, are at odds over the status of their latest project. The government contracted World Corp., for what exactly, we don’t know (I’m guessing military related.), but it involves experimenting on animals, and this experiment in particular created a monster. We flash-forward to the present day and find that humans are now the subject of the experiments. Some of these people’s appearances have changed dramatically.  The first volume of Nowhere Men (issues 1-6) introduces you to these people as they adjust to the transformations they are going through.

Issue seven picks up after the explosive conclusion to issue six and ends with a moment I’ve been waiting for since the first issue. We’re also introduced to Emerson’s daughter, Monica, and along with her, a new introduction to each issue: a page or two from Monica’s teenage journal. Issue eight gives us some more backstory on one character in particular: Dade’s quest to make the survivors see the light, as well as the search for Simon.

Nowhere Men is one of the most intricate and detailed comic books I’ve ever read. Each issue features pages of backstory through newspaper clippings, book/journal excerpts, and television interviews from throughout their illustrious careers. This is one of the coolest ways I’ve seen a comic book deliver exposition. It makes it fun. Eric Stephenson does a terrific job of capturing our society’s current fascination with science, and it’s catapulting scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye to rock star proportions. Issue seven also welcomes new artists to Nowhere Men, the talented Dave Taylor and Emi Lenox. Returning with Eric are Jordie Bellaire on colors and Fonografiks doing the lettering. If you enjoy an immersive reading experience, Nowhere Men is the comic for you.

Overall:  9/10

Dean Zarbaugh, Fanbase Press Contributor



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