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‘The Silver Street Boys:’ Comic Book Review

In addition to the darker and more serious Uncle Buck, the other new story included in Jesse Young’s Kickstarter project, Here We Go, was the more lighthearted and fun short story, The Silver Street Boys. Caleb, a young man is going through his attic when he comes across some old newspapers from the Silver Street Boys Press. He discovers that his dad and his friends wrote them back when they were around Caleb’s age. What follows is the story of one of their investigations into the rumors surrounding a mysterious Swamp Monster in town.

The Silver Street Boys is another homerun from Jesse and company. Reading his stories brings back a certain nostalgia that I feel is sometimes missing from comics these days. In a time when a lot of stories feel the need to be dark and gritty, it’s a nice change of pace to read something like this. This story especially is relatable to just about everyone. We all went through those days when we questioned all the “weird” things that happened around town. Jesse does a terrific job bringing that out in The Silver Street Boys. I’m glad Jesse decided to put this in the book.

With Brent Schoonover’s art, the story feels like a short movie. Schoonover worked on the colors along with Robert Synder. It’s colorful, vibrant, and gives your eyeballs something beautiful to look at while you read. Jesse has a real knack for picking the people he surrounds himself with.

As always, you can read Jesse’s stories on his website for free, and, as always, I guarantee you’re going to love what you read. I haven’t been reading many comics these days due to moving clear across the country, but Jesse Young is one author I always keep tabs on (in a totally non-stalker way) in order to stay up to date on the projects that he’s working on. Now, go and read The Silver Street Boys!

Overall: 9/10

Dean Zarbaugh, Fanbase Press Contributor



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