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‘The Devil You Know:’ Comic Book Review

One of my favorite authors at the moment, Jesse Young, is back with another awesome comic titled The Devil You Know. After a heist goes south, the crew goes on the run from their employer, the one man you never want to cross. As soon as I saw “heist” in the logline, I was excited. Who doesn’t like a good heist story? Young delivers in that department. The Devil You Know is well worth a read and keeps you hooked from the very beginning. It may sound like an ordinary heist story, but there’s really a lot more to it than that. I definitely recommend reading it. Especially since it’s only eight pages long; there’s no excuse for not reading The Devil You Know.

The way the comic came to be is pretty cool. The artist, Jason Copland, posted eleven pages (eight of which Jesse uses) to his blog and invited any and all who wanted to use them to do so freely. You can read more about that in the foreword to the comic. It’s clear that Jesse has a real passion for the craft and is always looking for ways to challenge himself creatively. What he came up with for The Devil You Know is something a lot darker and grittier than some of his prior work and really shows off his abilities as a writer. This is a great addition to his already expansive portfolio.

Thomas Mauer returns to letter the comic, and just like their previous effort, Forbidden Love, Mauer strays from the typical lettering format, giving the story more character. Copland’s art is rough and gritty, perfectly befitting of the story that Jesse crafted around the already drawn pages. It seems like this was a fun test for Jesse, one he passes with flying colors. I can’t wait to see what else he has to offer. With his current portfolio and work ethic, Jesse has got a great career in the comic book industry ahead of him.

Overall:  4/5

Dean Zarbaugh, Fanbase Press Contributor



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