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‘Psych:’ A Look Back at the Past 8 Seasons

We’ll always have Santa Barbra . . .

My favorite show, Psych, ended its glorious, eight-year run in March. I had a funny feeling after Season 7 that they were getting ready for their final bow, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I’d almost pushed the thought out of my mind when I saw the announcement from stars James Roday and Dulé Hill, confirming my beliefs. I commend everyone involved for their decision, as much as it pains me to do. They didn’t let things drag out too long like a lot of series do. They felt it was time to move on.

I look forward to checking out what everyone has lined up next. I know for sure that I will be seeing Roday’s new film, Gravy, which he directed. I wish I lived in New York to check out Dulé Hill in After Midnight on Broadway. Seriously, is there anything Dulé Hill can’t do? Timothy Omundson, who starred as Det. Lassiter (a.k.a. “Lassie”) has a pilot that I have my fingers crossed is bought and picked up. Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen, and everyone in the cast and crew are wickedly talented and proved to be more than capable of being able to handle a multitude of genres including drama, comedy, horror, and more, both in front of and behind the camera. For someone who grew up and knew they wanted to get into film and television like I did, everyone at Psych is an inspiration. They didn’t just make a TV show. They brought something to life. Even though they were characters on screen, they were so well crafted that you felt like you were a part of their lives.

Which is what made this, and many series finales, hard, not just for me, but for other fanboys and fangirls, as well. As I mentioned in my last Psych article, the show was a big part of my life. Eight years is a long time. This show single-handedly got me through some very rough patches in my life. No matter how bad things would get, all I had to do was pop in one of my DVDs, and I could forget all that.

The show’s creator, Steve Franks, and the cast and crew knew going into this season just how much the show has meant to so many and gave all of us Psych-Os a wonderful send off filled with Billy Zane, a proposal, and, of course, pineapple. There were a lot of questions still left unanswered, but, as only Psych can, answers all of them in forty-two minutes, without forcing it. Oh, and Billy Zane isn’t the only awesome guest star in the episode . . . the cameo revealing who Dobson has been this entire time was completely unexpected and totally awesome.

The show has been very loyal to their fans and even auctioned off props, autographed scripts, and even the ultra-luxurious Blueberry to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. My dream of owning the Blueberry in real life may be dashed, but I’ll always be able to cruise around Los Santos in it in Grand Theft Auto 5. Steve Franks and company made something unique, funny, heartwarming, silly, and, above all, special. Psych will be remembered as one of the most fun and innovative television shows in history. Thank you to everyone involved for eight amazing years filled with delicious flavor.


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