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‘Another Daring Adventure of Android Jones:’ Comic Book Review

Android Jones is back for an all-new adventure in author Jesse Young’s follow up to The Daring Adventures of Android Jones. I love and admire the sci-fi genre a ton and soak up anything and everything I can get my hands on.  Daring Adventures was a very fun comic to read, which is why I was excited to find out that Jesse had plans to do more with characters Android and his trusty sidekick Pip. I loved Young’s idea of Android and Pip traveling from planet to planet in order to observe them and the cultures of their inhabitants, always finding a way to get into trouble.

In Another Daring Adventure of Android Jones, Android finds himself in another precarious situation during one of his exploratory missions. A local alien race has captured him and is leading him somewhere not so fun, based on the cult-like chanting of the aliens. Another Adventure doesn’t disappoint. It’s got all the elements fans of sci-fi know and love. Humor, action, suspense, robots, aliens, spaceships; it’s got it all. Fans of Star Wars will definitely enjoy this issue, seeing Young’s even more brutal version of the Sarlaac Pit. Another Adventure is a great next step in the adventures of Android and Pip. We get to see more of what Android can do and how awesome of a character he is in this issue.

I was also excited to see that artist Ryan Cody and letterer Thomas Mauer were returning to bring Another Adventure to life. Cody and Mauer provided the artwork and lettering for the first Android Jones story, respectively. The artwork in comic books is something I enjoy. Personally, I couldn’t draw something decent to save my life. The storyboards for the movies or music videos I direct are usually poorly drawn stick figures, so it’s nice to give my eyes a reprieve by looking at something drawn by someone with actual talent. The multi-headed, Sarlaac Pit-type monster is especially cool. I would definitely not want to come face to face . . . to face to face to face with that thing.

I for one am definitely hooked on this series. Young and company continue knocking ‘em out of the park.



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