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‘The Daring Adventures of Android Jones:’ Comic Book Review

After reading/reviewing writer Jesse Young’s touching and heartfelt online comic Here We Go (which you can/should be read here) for Fanboy Comics a while back, I jumped at the chance to read his new comic, The Daring Adventures of Android Jones. Yes, the story is as fun and exciting as the title makes it out to be. The long and short of it is, Android Jones and his trusty robot Pip find themselves in a bit of a kerfuffle after a “misunderstanding” with some alien inhabitants of the planet that Jones and Pip were sent to survey. Young is quite a talented writer, whose work is always a pleasure to read. Joining Young on this adventure, pun intended, are artist Ryan Cody and Thomas Mauer on lettering. Cody’s artwork is wonderful. It’s vibrant, colorful, and brings the story and world to life.

Jesse and I have kept in touch since my review of Here We Go, and as soon as he mentioned that he was working on a sci-fi adventure for his next project, I got really excited. I’m a huge fan of the genre and couldn’t wait to see Jesse’s take on it. Any fan of sci-fi will love Android Jones. It’s got action, suspense, humor, heart, and, of course, aliens, spaceships, and a robot! As a fellow writer, it’s pretty cool to see the kind of portfolio that Jesse has amassed, and from the looks of the preview for his next comic, it will only be getting better. Thanks to the Internet, up-and-coming talent like Jesse can share their work with the world, and what better way than through a short, entertaining, eye-catching comic book? It gives editors and publishers the ability not just to see how well the writer can put together a story, but how well they collaborate with artists, letterers, etc. After reading Here We Go and Android Jones, it seems like Jesse has a bright future in comics ahead of him.

If you’re looking for something fun and cool to read, check out The Daring Adventures of Android Jones! Also be sure to follow Jesse on Twitter, @writejessewrite, to keep up to date with all of his upcoming releases!

Overall: 9/10




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