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‘X-Files: Season 10 #8’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Joe Harris and company are back with a new issue of X-Files Season 10, and boy is this one a doozy. I kept seeing Harris talk on Twitter and Facebook about how excited he was for people to see the cameos in this issue that I began racking my brain as to who could possibly show up.  I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t spoil all the fun for you, though. You can see the mystery guests yourself when the issue hits stores on January 8th! (Hint: For those of you getting excited, it’s NOT Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi’s characters from Season Three.)

After the issue’s intense “cold open,” we find Mulder up to his old tricks at the FBI (I was glad to see that they included Mulder’s pencils being stuck to the ceiling), when Scully wakes him up to report to their reinstatement training; however, before they report for duty, Mulder wants to look into a couple of odd messages that were left for him while he was in his “enlightenment session” (nap). From there, the agents are sent down a rabbit hole they thought closed for almost decade ago. Every time I think this series can’t get better, it does. It really feels like the show hasn’t ended and brings out everything X-Philes know and love about it. The Mulder/Scully dynamic, the conspiracies, the intrigue, the mystery, all of it is alive and well in X-Files Season 10. There’s no “wanting” to believe, this is, hands down, one of the best series available. I haven’t had much time to read a lot of comics lately, but the one that I always make time for is X-Files. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It’s that good.

Michael Walsh’s return to the series is a great one. I especially enjoyed the darker, grittier feel he provides in the flashbacks. Speaking of flashbacks, Jordie Bellaire’s colors in the “cold open” really pop against the almost de-saturated surroundings. Put another notch in the win column for Harris, IDW, and the rest of the X-Files Season 10 gang. Get your copy at your local comic book shop or online on January 8th!

Overall: 9/10


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