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‘X-Files: Season 10 #7’ – Advance Comic Book Review

X-Files Season 10 from IDW Publishing and Joe Harris continues its excellent run with its seventh issue, Hosts: Part 2. The last issue found Agents Mulder and Scully investigating a case with connections to an old X-File. When Mulder arrives at Martha’s Vineyard to look into the strange events taking place there, he quickly finds himself back in the company of Flukeman, one of the creepy creatures from the show’s second season. If you’re a fan of Flukeman, the seventh issue gives you not just one Flukeman, but an entire nest of Flukemen! Welcome to your worst nightmare. Or at least Mulder’s, who finds himself surrounded by these blood-sucking creatures. Will he be able to escape them? How did Flukeman come to be? Read the conclusion of Hosts in X-Files Season 10 #7 when it’s released today!

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again, X-Files Season 10 is an absolute must read for fans of the show, and even for newbies who are just looking for a good title to read. Joe Harris has done a bang-up job helming this series, and it keeps getting better and better with each issue. I can’t put into words how great it is to have The X-Files back in my life on a regular basis again. Season 10 has shown that whether it features a monster of the week or a conspiracy storyline, Harris knows what he’s doing. It can venture into either territory next, and I’d be happy to read it. Like it’s been said hundreds of times already, Joe Harris really has the voice of this show down. How the characters interact, the dialogue, the timing, pacing, and structure all fit very well into the X-Files universe. Harris has really left his mark on the franchise and has reinvigorated it, giving it a nice stepping stone to continue on the big screen, if they so choose. He’s made this my favorite series to read and one of the select few I still keep up with. The artwork by Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano and colors by Arianna Florean and Azzura M. Florean really bring the story to life and put the reader into the world. The dog pile of Flukemen is flat out creepy as hell. X-Files Season 10 is unbelievably good. Add it to your pull list, and you’ll be happier than Mulder (or Joe Harris) at a baseball game.

Overall:  9/10


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