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‘Watson and Holmes #1-6:’ Comic Book Review

Watson and Holmes from New Paradigm Studios reimagines the ever-popular detective duo in modern-day Harlem. Jon Watson is a medical intern at the Convent Emergency Center who has a patient roll through after taking a severe beating, when in walks Holmes, a mysterious guy asking questions about the patient like a cop might. The patient wakes up and lets Watson and Holmes know that his girlfriend is being held captive. Holmes gives Watson his card. Turns out that Holmes isn’t a cop, but a private investigator/consultant for the NYPD. Watson, wanting to get to the bottom of the missing girl, teams up with Holmes to start investigating her kidnapping. What they uncover during their investigation goes much further than just a kidnapping, including drugs, hit lists, and conspiracies. And, that’s just the beginning!

Watson and Holmes is a very entertaining read. Authors Karl Bollers (Issues #1-5) and Brandon Easton (Issue #6) and creators Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza have done an excellent job with this series. It’s nice to see a fresh take on iconic characters like Watson and Holmes. When I sat down to read Watson and Holmes, I thought it was going to be the same old story, same old song and dance, and was glad to find out I was completely wrong. It keeps everything that’s great about the characters and adds even more to them with rich, interesting backstories that you want to know more about. It’s filled with twists and turns throughout that keep you engaged and wanting to read more. The wonderful looking art by Rick Leonardi (Issue #1-4), Larry Stroman (Issue #5), and N. Steven Harris (Issue #6) really brings this series to life. It’s one of the most unique looking comics available and adds a lot of character to it. Its bright, colorful art keeps you glued to the page. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes to pick up this series. It’s a great read and is sure to not disappoint.

Overall:  9/10

Dean Zarbaugh, Fanbase Press Contributor



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