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‘Here We Go:’ Comic Book Review

If you love your mom, you need to read this very moving short comic. Here We Go is an imaginative, creative, and beautiful story about a young boy being driven to his first day at a new school by his mom. That may sound like a straightforward and boring story to you, but it’s anything but, as mother and son are chased down by aliens, dinosaurs, and the dreaded pirate monkeys! The author, Jesse Young, has crafted a memorable story that will move you to tears. He wanted to do something with a “Pixar feel” to it and absolutely nailed it. Here We Go is reminiscent of the opening of Up! in both depth and emotion. Reading this reminded me of my own mom and the courage and strength she gave me to move 3,000 miles away from my home and everyone and everything I knew to pursue what I wanted in life. I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it weren’t for her.

I really dug the art in Here We Go. Artist Anwar Madrigal really captures all the fun and imagination with his beautiful work. Whether it’s the dinosaurs, aliens, or pirate monkeys, Madrigal shows off his incomparable skills. Young wanted the art to match the “Pixar” feel, and I have to agree that Madrigal really helps give the piece that “Pixar” touch. The other thing that makes it feel like it’s in Pixar’s wheelhouse is the heart within the story and the ability to connect to the characters and root for them to win. You’ll want to hug your mom and do something nice to thank her for everything she’s done for you after reading Here We Go. Together, Young and Madrigal have made a special work of art with this. I can’t recommend that Here We Go be read enough. I’m looking forward to seeing what these two do next.

Overall: 10/10

Dean Zarbaugh, Fanbase Press Contributor



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