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‘The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Rocketeer 1The Rocketeer soars across the pages of IDW’s new serial, Hollywood Horror!  Rodger Landridge brings Dave Stevens’ classic, adventure-seeking Los Angeles hero to life once more, with distinctive and quirky art by J. Bone. 

What I continue to enjoy about the Rocketeer is the callback to my childhood, watching, as many of us did, the 1991 Disney movie.  For anyone who, like me, only saw the movie and would be interested in picking up a Rocketeer comic, Hollywood Horror is a winner.  Landridge gives the audience some classic, Golden Age-inspired heroism and bull-headedness from our highflying protagonist Cliff right off the bat, with hints of mad scientists and perhaps even supernatural events to come.  My only reservation may hinge on the relationship dynamic between Cliff and his girlfriend Betty, which is unfortunately by nature, dangerously rife with potential for cliché.  Still, at least for now the lovers’ personalities display a nice balance of naiveté and wisdom.

The new book, Hollywood Horror, reflects the wonderful, stylized nature of the Rocketeer and the 1930s.  At it’s best, The Rocketeer can be fun, harkening back to some of the comics of yesterday, and I think the new run will be a fun adventure for anyone interested.  Great for kids, new comers to comics, or anyone who appreciates some stylized adventure serials.  Never too serious, I think The Rocketeer is off to a great start.



Christian Roeber, Fanbase Press Contributor



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