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Zombie Apocalypse Review: A Practice in Social Drunkenness!

zombie apocalypse1 aefSeveral weeks ago game maker Konami decided to jump on the Zombie bandwagon by creating a downloadable arcade game for PS3 and 360 called Zombie Apocalypse. The most I can say for their choice is that I respect them for not making a game called Vampire Apocalypse, which, if we go by the standard set by all recent Vampire media, would be a game in which you are a fourteen-year-old girl who has to fend off the endless advances of two-hundred-year-old pedophile vampires. When looked at from this perspective, Konami really hit it out of the park with the choice of Zombies. Still, the game they actually decided to place on the market has some serious flaws.


As with all downloadable arcade games, you won’t get any plot from Z.A. Instead, you’ll get level after level of hoards of Zombies, which quite literally come up from the ground in an attempt to rip you apart. Also, you won’t find any tutorial to tell you how to play, so stick with it for about 15-30 minutes until you figure out how not to die like a bitch. The other serious drawback to this game is in the glitches, which seem to frequent it. Beware losing lives to falling through the ground.


If, however, you truly want to have a lot of fun playing this game, you can follow these simple instructions and have a really great night.


What you will need:

1) An Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 (Wii users: Go bone yourselves.)

2) The downloaded game Zombie Apocalypse (800 Microsoft Points – whew!)

3) 1-3 friends (This can be difficult for many avid gamers, but try your best.)

4) At least one 40oz container of beer per person (Two per person is better, though.)


Now follow these simple steps to have some fun:


Z.A. works by sending an ever-increasing mob of Zombies at you every level. Therefore, your death is eventually inevitable, though, how quickly you die will depend on how many people are playing. So, every time someone playing dies, pause the game, make the loser who died take a big swig from the 40, and have everyone in the room call said dying loser a bitch. Then, continue playing. If someone loses all of their lives and becomes perma-dead (no respawns), then they have to drink, be called a bitch, and get punched in the arm for leaving their teammate(s) alone to die.


There you have it. Doing this, I’ve actually come to enjoy Z.A. due to the fact that, by level 42, I can’t remember my name, but still, it’s been fun. Seriously though, the control interface is a little tricky, what with only using one stick to move and the other to shoot. I’m sure that the game is designed with online play in mind, but as I’m not a huge fan of online play, I can’t honestly give a yay or nay on its playability. Just get drunk with some friends and have fun that way.

Christian Roeber, Fanbase Press Contributor



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