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‘Haunted Horrors #1:’ Comic Book Review


Haunted Horror 1Classic Golden Age Comic ghost stories at their best, Haunted Horrors is a beautiful collection of some wonderful, ghoulish tales hearkening back to the fifties!  These wonderful stories have me recalling my old Tales of the Crypt books, radio mysteries like The House on Cyprus Hill, and the black and white VHS tapes you only pull out before Halloween.  I love classics like this, and the chance to be able to read them now without having to sort through boxes and boxes of tattered floppies is great.

This is a great chance for collectors and those looking to recollect on truly classic comic books.  The kinds of old stories, which possess a certain campy fun inside of the gruesome narrative, wonderfully accompanied by this era’s unique art.



Christian Roeber, Fanbase Press Contributor



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