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‘Justified: Season 4, Episode 6 (Foot Chase)’ Review


Justified S4E6First of all, you simply have to love the title of this episode, especially when the final image of last week’s installment was a gruesomely severed foot.

I mentioned that the episode from a couple of weeks ago (I believe it was Episode Four) was really dull and almost nothing happened that moved the season-long story arc about the long-missing Drew Thompson forward in any way.  Tonight, we got almost too much plot, but it made for a lively episode. 


I loved how the show teamed Raylan and Shelby together, as both men would be instinctively suspicious of the other.  Raylan knows Shelby was elected sheriff through Boyd’s corrupt means, and Shelby knows Raylan is Arlo’s son and, therefore, not to be trusted.  Yes, both men are lawmen now, but they both have corruption issues in their rear view mirrors.

One of the great things about Justified is how it’s frequently a reunion of actors who appeared on HBO’s Deadwood series.  Both Tim Olyphant and Jim Beaver are alumni of that great show, and they were great in their scenes together tonight.

I’ve mentioned before that the show is proactively working to get Tim and Rachel more involved in the action, and tonight we got to see Tim in a storyline that wasn’t connected to Raylan or the Marshal’s Service in any way.  Justified has a deep bench of a cast, and Jacob Pitts has been really wasted at times over the years.  I’m very much interested to see how Tim’s intervention of his recovering addict pal will play out over the second half of the season.  Tim ran into Colton at the AA meeting, so I think we’re going to see those two go head to head before things wind down.  On a side note, if one of the planned Star Wars spinoff movies would involve young Han Solo, I think Jacob Pitts would nail it.  I’m also really liking Ron Eldard’s work as Colton, who seems to be a far more sinister guy as the layers are peeled back from week to week.

Arlo’s lawyer was involved with chopping off Josiah’s foot?  I’m pretty sure that can get you disbarred.

We wrap things up with Boyd proposing marriage to Ava, kind of forgetting that Ava was recently married to Boyd’s brother, and Boyd’s brother is dead because Ava shot him way back in the pilot.  Walton Goggins was never supposed to be a part of the show, as Boyd was supposed to be shot dead by Raylan in the pilot, as well.  But, Goggins is electric in the part, and Yost and company were more than smart enough to keep him on as regular cast.  Quentin Tarantino had a similar experience with Goggins on the set of Django Unchained and kept expanding Goggin’s role after the actor kept being 50 shades of awesome.  Boyd’s speech about future generations of Crowder children being able to enjoy a respectable family name was even quite touching. 

A lot happened in Harlan County tonight, and I am really looking forward to what comes next.



Chris Spicer, Fanbase Press Contributor



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