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‘Justified: Season 4, Episode 3 (Truth and Consequences)’ Review


Justified S4E3Meanwhile, back in Harlan County . . .


Let me first say that, as a person who is deathly afraid of snakes, there were a couple of scenes in this episode that were truly difficult for me to watch. That cold open scene where Boyd’s goon (Does that guy have a name?) tries to sneak up on Preacher Billy only to be bitten about 50 times by venomous snakes was squirm-inducing for me. But, it gave us some really nice character information about Preacher Billy and his sister. It seems that Billy is a true believer in his old-time religion, but his sister is more pragmatic in a fiscal sense and that she’s been milking Billy’s serpents of their venom for not only his protection but also to enhance his work as a spiritual performance artist. This girl has her eyes clearly on the collection plate.

It was nice to see both Tim and Rachel get something to do in this episode, as the show has always struggled to include them. Tim was helping Raylan find the supposed widow of Drew Thompson while Rachel confided (sort of) in Raylan for some personal advice.

As a long-time Elmore Leonard reader, it was fun for me to have Thompson’s widow be a psychic, since that’s a recurring motif in his books, particularly the one featuring Raylan Givens. It was also cool to learn that Thompson disappeared after witnessing Theo Tolin kill a witness. Tolin was the mob boss behind Robert Quarrells last season.

Boyd’s cousin, Johnny, went to Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns is just terrific in this role. My God, Justified has a bench so deep it’s ridiculous!) with the promise of killing Boyd. The last person who tried that met a violent end. I loved Duffy’s comment that if Devil’s plan to usurp Boyd had worked, they “probably would have heard something by now.” Classic!

Boyd brought an unmilked snake for Preacher Billy to handle with disastrous results. There wasn’t much for Walton Goggins to do this week, but Boyd seems to see a bit of his former born again fervor in Billy. Three episodes in and Olyphant and Goggins haven’t shared the screen yet!

All this and talk of Marshall stiffies to boot. Justified is firing all eights, and the season’s just getting warmed up.



Chris Spicer, Fanbase Press Contributor



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