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The Almighties #1 Review


TheAlmighties1CoverThe first issue of The Almighties is a hoot! Creators Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon have crafted a clever and farcical look at an off-the-wall, Avengers-style superhero team dedicated to the wellbeing of the U.S. of A., who encounter everything from President Obama to a Robo-Hitler before the first issue is through! Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano, and D.C. White elevate the story with their artistic contributions, and the colors, which are far more important in comedy books than readers realize, of Gagnon, Gulliver Vianei, and Jennifer Scott really help make the book feel funny and entertaining.


Humor in comics can be a difficult villain to apprehend, but Johnson and Gagnon do a respectable job in The Almighties #1. Their script is filled with Avengers parody jokes, bizarre reveals, funny pop-culture references, and a sense of joy…something I can only expect Johnson and Gagnon felt in abundance as they plotted out the tale. The Almighties #1 is a unpredictable ride, as well, featuring some surprising and particularly zany laughs that play out in a randomly hilarious Seth Macfarlane-esque fashion. As I mentioned, President Obama and Robo-Hitler, both who have their own passionate fan bases, make appearances, and I was happy to find there were no activists outside the issue holding the standard “Obama is Robo-Hitler” home-made protest sign…such a conspiracy. Robo-Hitler isn’t the only evil force in the book, as you should also be on the lookout for Rebecca Black and her infamous bubblegum tune of death, “Friday.”

Johnson and Gagnon definitely have some armor-piercing humor rounds in their comedic rifle, but the real reason you’ll stick with The Almighties is the characters. While somewhat rough around the edges, you quickly bond to Maxi-Tron, Nite Fang, Ms. F, Mason, and Stefanos as the story progresses. Each character has a moment or two to shine (Each character has a moment? What, are Johnson and Gagon trying to replace Joss Whedon???), but there are a few that really stand out. Stefanos is sure to be a fan-favorite, given his dedication to his three jobs (gotta check those fries), his weapon of choice (a meat skewer…with meat still attached), his wonderful battle cry (“Who wants salad?”), and his “buddy” relationship with President Obama. Mason is also really charming, especially with the fact that he’s constantly urging the other members of the team to consider dropping that pesky “no killing” rule. And, Nite Fang is a smart-a– werewolf. Need I say more?

For more information about The Almighties, be sure to check out the official Facebook page. You can also learn more about The Almighties‘ creative talent behind the book, as well as purchase a copy of the first issue at the official website.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Be sure to check out The Almighties #1!


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