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Vengador #1 Review: Vengeance…Coming Soon?


Vengador 1Vengador #1 is written by James Gilarte and features the art of Rowel Roque. Vengador follows the life of teen Eric Martin, who uses his alter ego (Vengador) to fight the injustice in his city that is the result of a corrupt legal system. In the vein of classic comic characters like The Punisher or Spawn, Martin’s quest to become a vigilante is motivated by a powerful need for revenge. Vengador’s costume is reminiscent of Spawn or Spider-Man (especially the new Flash Thompson/Venom costume!), but is original enough that it can be identified as a unique character. Twin handguns add just the right amount of edge to this antihero look.

The first issue of Vengador focuses completely on the backstory of Eric Martin and the tragedy his family experiences that forces Martin to become Vengador. Much of the issue takes place in the courtroom as we watch Martin’s 13-year-old sister put through a very difficult molestation case that ends with a “not guilty” verdict that shatters the Martin family. Creator James Gilarte does a good job of setting up his main character with a powerful motivation. The courtroom scenes are a little predictable, as most readers will know where the jury’s verdict will land, and the issue ends without an actual appearance from Vengador. While I don’t fault Gilarte for taking time to flesh out his character’s background, I do think the first issue would’ve been more exciting if we saw Vengador in action and the courtroom scenes shortened to flashback that could explain the protagonist’s origin. There are also a few grammatical errors that made certain scenes a little harder to read, but, for the most part, the plot moves along briskly.

Rowel Roque’s art is that of a skilled creator, and he does especially well with the emotions and facial reactions that take place in the courtroom. I will say that it feels like the art would benefit hugely from a colorist being added to the team (the color cover looks great!), but one has to understand that in the world of indie comics, black and white is a money-saving move that many self-publishers rely on. Maybe, with some success in sales, there will be a color “special edition” down the road for Vengador.

You can find out more about Vengador and the creative team at the official website and the Vengador Facebook page, or you can follow creator James Gilarte on Twitter (@JamesGilarte).

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers. Until our paths cross again, keep supporting indie comics!

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