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Man from Space #2 Review: Attack of the Clones, Sucka!



The a–hole from space and his snarky, foul-mouthed, intergalactic goldfish return in Man from Space #2, and cartoonist Marc Jackson does not disappoint! Jackson’s weird, off-kilter, sci-fi comedy is still traveling at warp speed, comic book sniffers, with this latest issue introducing clones, more zany time travel, the infamous Doctor Brain, and the *GASP* death of a major character!!!

Man from Space #2 picks up right where the first volume left off. The man from space (aka the “outer-space a–hole”) and his companion Michael the Goldfish continue their adventure, now working with a version of the man from space who time-hopped from the future. The man, the future man, Michael, and the pink alien Whemblo (minus a glove) end up in the clutches of Doctor Brain and his army of kamikaze zombie slave clones. It’s only a matter of time before people are getting melted by zombie clones, some wacky time jumping occurs, and goldfish Michael’s gambling debt to the nefarious Uncle Ray finally catches up with him. Along the way we discover the secret behind the man from space’s missing eyebrows (my favorite part!) and end the issue with a thrilling and unsettling cliff hanger. (Let me just say that Uncle Ray is one weird looking dude!)

I originally described Man from Space as a “cross between Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Samurai Jack with a sci-fi twist,” and the second issue is very much at home in this description. If you dig the first volume, then you’re sure to gobble this one up, too! (Read my review of volume one HERE!) Jackson continues to make the art exciting and energizing, he advances the story and introduces new concepts and characters, and the core group of characters are still the best selling point of the book! They can share my escape pod anytime! (Not if there’s a real emergency, though, cause it’d be really cramped in there!)

For more information about Man from Space, be sure to check out the official Facebook page, and follow creator Marc Jackson on Twitter (@itsMANFROMSPACE). You can also secure copies of Man from Space at or from the digital distributor, Graphicly.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! My final transmission goes directly to space monkey Marc Jackson himself: I like your taste in gloves, sir! Kudos!

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