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‘Project Nemesis #4:’ Comic Book Review (Save the Whales… from the Kaiju!)

Jeremy Robinson and artist Matt Frank continue to ramp up the action and the body count in the fourth issue of this kaiju comic as our team of heroes does their best to save what’s still left of Portland, Maine.


Project Nemesis #4 picks up with lead characters Jon Hudson and Sheriff Collins working with their monster-hunting team in a desperate attempt to stop the continuing kaiju-based destruction. While the kaiju continues to punish the state (and people) of Maine, Hudson, Collins, and company start to piece together the origin of the creature and its mysterious connection to General Gordon and his deadly bodyguard Endo.

Robinson delivers another action-heavy script for the fourth issue of Project Nemesis but splits the focus between the kaiju’s escalating reign of terror and CSI-style ensemble scenes of the team piecing together various clues surrounding the creatures disturbing origin. It’s a juxtaposition that assists Robinson in building tension and stakes as he approaches the cliffhanger at the end of the issue.

Frank’s artwork (wonderfully paired with Diego Rodriguez’s vibrant colors) once again keeps Robinson’s tale exciting with his bold style. The art team also provides a number of standout visuals throughout this issue, including an amazing cover image and a full-page reveal of the aftermath of the kaiju’s interactions with a Fin Whale (the second largest animal on the planet).

FINAL VERDICT: With Project Nemesis #4, American Gothic Press and the creative team continue to deliver a series that is full of good, ol‘ fashioned genre violence, monsters, and fun.

You can find out more about Project Nemesis #4 by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

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