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‘Monster World #3:’ Comic Book Review (War is Hell . . . Literally)

This week will bring readers the third issue of American Gothic Press’ Monster World, the 1930s noir monster comic miniseries written by Steve Niles and Philip Kim, and featuring the work of artist Piotr Kowlaski. Monster World #3 focuses on our lead character’s WWI past and the horrific, and sometimes supernatural, horrors witnessed on the battlefield.


The majority of third issue of Monster World is an intriguing flashback to Detective Barrymore’s past as a seventeen-year-old soldier in World War I. While the young Barrymore is, predictably, exposed to the horrors of human warfare, he is also witness to a demonic attack by supernatural creatures that tear through his comrades like their nothing more thin sheets of paper. In the end, Barrymore’s history is more than just another creepy tale, but may actually shed light on makeup artist John Price’s true power and plan.

Monster World continues to be a solid and consistent book that makes good on the promises of the concept and covers. This issue really stands out given the change in storytelling format and scenery, and Niles and Kim seem to come up with a really nifty and original genre depiction of World War I, especially the scenes featuring soldiers gathered around fires, sharing stories of the unexplainable and terrifying.

Kowlaski and colorist Dennis Calero bring their A-game to this issue, going wild with the violent war scenes and providing a stellar cover that is sure to catch the eye of passing potential readers.

FINAL VERDICT: Monster World #3 is easily my favorite issue of the series so far, and I can almost guarantee that readers of the previous issues will be overjoyed with the third chapter in the tale. If you’re a Monster World fan, then don’t miss this issue!

You can find out more about Monster World by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

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That’s all for now, my fellow comic book sniffers!

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