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‘Legacy:’ Graphic Novel Review

The indie graphic, Legacy (written and illustrated by Tobey Truestory), is dense and mysterious story the touches on many intriguing thematic elements regarding belief, historical interpretation, and more. While not an action-packed graphic novel, Legacy is clearly a book written with ambitious intentions that may capture the interest of readers if they can look past some extremely “rough edges.”


Legacy tells the post-apocalyptic story of two groups of people who live, in modest fashion, on a small island. Separated by their historical interpretations and beliefs regarding the purpose of their continued existence, the two groups are thrown into turmoil with the unexplained arrival of a mysterious, almost supernatural stranger. Through long discussion regarding the point of their existence, the examination of a mysterious temple and the past of the island, and the help of a young girl named Renata, eventually, the truth is revealed.

With Legacy, Truestory clearly is chasing a story with a core religious or spiritual message about faith, belief, and the flaws and strengths of human behavior. While some may find the plot and themes moderately engaging, the pacing is extremely languid and the dialogue is marred by more than a few misspelled words. Truestory definitely has an engaging tale buried within Legacy, but it‘s almost impossible not to feel that the book would have been served well by the presence of a capable editor to add clarity and focus.

Truestory’s art style is very base and sparse in detail, and while he clearly understands many rules of visual storytelling, the simplistic character depictions make it difficult, at times, to easily identify certain individuals.

FINAL VERDICT: While those interested in the examination of the religious and spiritual themes present in Legacy may get something more out of the graphic novel, unfortunately, the average comic book reader will most likely find themselves frustrated and confused by the sluggish plot and minimalist art style.

You can purchase a copy of Legacy by visiting Amazon.

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