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‘Bornhome #4:’ Comic Book Review (The Courage to Change the World)

The themes of self-sacrifice, faith in a better future, and change vs. the status quo run throughout the final issue of Bornhome, written by Paul Tobin (Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Gunsuits) and featuring the art team of Jeff Johnson (Wonder Man, Way of the Rat) and Anthony Diecidue (Red City, Moriarty). With the wrap up of this series, American Gothic Press continues to establish itself as a publisher that not only tackles monster-filled and creature-centric stories, but also as a company that respects its late Honorary Editor-in-Chief Forrest J. Ackerman’s love and fostering of thought-provoking science-fiction.


Bornhome #4 concludes the story of downed Steel Security fighter pilot, Shane, and his efforts to not only survive, but help the inhabitants of the planet-sized abandoned theme park known as TR-1138. On a mission to trigger the Terracore and “rewrite” history by replacing it with the massive, unpredictable alternate existence that will follow, the final issue is a tense climax that puts readers in the shoes of its lead character as he struggles to trust blindly that the “new world” will be better than the current one.

With the forth issue of Bornhome, Tobin continues to explore a number of intriguing themes, including the idea that those who resist change, “the side that clutches onto the past even while things are crumbling around them,” is the side that holds humanity back, dooming us to “fear” and “bigotry.” Tobin’s finale also contains plenty of action and emotional weight along with the “big ideas,” serving up a little bit of everything for readers enjoying this final serving.

Johnson and Diecidue don’t disappoint in the final issue, depicting Shane’s final fate with a detailed finesse and bold, brilliant colors. Able to effortlessly handle both the dramatic and action-packed, Johnson and Diecidue are a solid combination that would be perfect for future sci-fi comic sagas.

FINAL VERDICT: Bornhome #4 is a strong ending to a solid sci-fi comic mini-series. Current readers of the series will certainly want to follow it through to the end. In regards to new readers, Bornhome is a perfect selection for anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi tale or the works of Tobin, Johnson, or Diecidue.

You can find out more about Bornhome by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

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That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Embrace the change!

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