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‘Monster World #2:’ Comic Book Review

The second issue of Monster World, American Gothic Press’ 1930s noir monster comic miniseries (written by Steve Niles and Philip Kim, and featuring the work of artist Piotr Kowlaski), is now available for purchase and, as expected, adds a few new wrinkles to the creepy caper being investigated by Los Angeles-based private investigator Hank Barrymore.


The second issue of Monster World #2 dives deeper into the mystery surrounding the deaths at World Studios and the chilling rumor that the silver screen’s monsters might be more than just the result of professional makeup skills and special effects. Despite his better judgment, Barrymore sticks with the case and is soon dealing with suspicious seductresses, druid cultists, and the enslaved undead!

While Monster World #2 still may irk some less-patient fans with its appropriately noirish “slow burn” pacing, Niles and Kim deliver a second issue that is stronger than the first and will definitely hook readers who were already intrigued by this monster mystery.  The second issue of the series expands the bloody tale of a movie studio aligned with a monster-controlling cult (and the bodies left in its wake) while allowing readers to become more accustomed to Barrymore and even speculate about the gumshoe’s past (especially his potential run-in with the head of Medusa on the battlefields of WWI).

Kowlaski’s art and Dennis Calero’s colors continue to be an excellent choice for the series, achieving a drab, yet classic-feeling, atmosphere. Kowlaski is given more of a chance in this issue to dig into the monster part of Monster World and, like the rest of American Gothic Press’ artists, he’s clearly got a good handle on the creepy and crawly. The next issue looks like it’ll given Kowlaski even more a chance to “play.”

FINAL VERDICT: If you enjoyed Monster World #1, then you definitely won’t want to miss the second issue. It’s just more of what you loved.

You can find out more about Monster World by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

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