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‘The Law for Comic Book Creators:’ Book Review (A Necessary Item in Every Comic Creators’ Tool Belt!)

The resources available to creators in the indie comic scene have, at times, been extremely scarce, but the impact of the internet, social media, and the increasingly inclusive and generous mood among industry professionals has de-mystified much of the comic industry’s in and outs over the last decade or so. That said, indie comic creators should never be the types to turn down additional assistance navigating the often “treacherous” waters of the various legal issues and situations surrounding their creations and businesses. The Law for Comic Book Creators, written by Joe Sergi and published by McFarland, offers the type of comic book legal knowledge that is both informative and easily digestible, earning it a well-deserved place on this comic creator’s bookshelf.

Given that Sergi is not only an attorney, a Haller Award-winning author, a life-long comic fan, and a regularly contributing writer on the history of comics and censorship for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (If you’re a comic fan and don’t know this organization, please follow the link provided.), one can expect that The Law for Comic Book Creators comes from both a place of pure passion and love, as well as one of knowledge and education. During his preface, Sergi states, “This book seeks to entertain as it instructs,” a goal that is well met in this enjoyable and educational volume. The Law for Comic Book Creators covers a wide variety of helpful topics, including intellectual property, copyright, trademark, contracts, public domain, censorship, and more. The book tackles each subject with a straight-forward explanation of the matter at hand, followed by an examination of at least one prominent case from the comic industry that serves as an example of the legal matter just covered. The format works surprising well, striking a tone more similar to an intriguing historical discussion about the comic industry’s inner workings, rather than the “text book” feel readers might expect.

In the end, The Law for Comic Book Creators is highly recommended reading, especially for those involved in the indie comic scene or with a specific interest in the legal workings of the industry. Even for those creators who are well versed in the process of putting out a comic book or graphic novel, The Law for Comic Book Creators will be a worthwhile read that is sure to dispel a number of legal rumors and urban legends.

You can learn more about The Law for Comic Book Creators by visiting McFarland’s official website or contacting their order line (800-253-2187).

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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