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‘Project Nemesis #3:’ Comic Book Review

The state of Maine continues to suffer under a horrific and devastating kaiju-attack in the third issues of Project Nemesis, written by Jeremy Robinson and featuring the art of Matt Frank. For those readers already hooked on this sci-fi monster tale from American Gothic Press, Project Nemesis #3 will surely satisfy with its action-packed plot involving our heroes’ last chance to stop the rampaging creature before it has a chance to reach even more populated areas with its deadly rampage.


Project Nemesis #3 picks up with Jon Hudson, Sheriff Collins, and their new, copter-piloting friend still attempting to stop the kaiju running amok and save those innocents who are stuck in its path (all while Hudson continues to lament the lack of Sasquatch in his weekend). While our heroes do the best they can to assemble the authorities and take on the beast, the super strong, kaiju-infused Gordon makes his deadly presence known in the Boston-based Bio-Lance Headquarters. While Gordon makes short work of anything in his way, his increasingly coldhearted bloodlust causes his bodyguard, Endo, to waiver in his loyalty to the former man.

Robinson definitely ramps up the action as we head into the third issue and while the previous issues of Project Nemesis struck me as slightly more gripping, it’s clear that the excitement and plot twists present in issue #3 are sure to entertain those readers following the series.

Frank and colorist Diego Rodriguez also continue to excel at their jobs, bringing Robinson’s script to life on the pages. A blend of cartoony and cinematic, the interior art of Project Nemesis continues to be vivid, thrilling, and fun.

FINAL VERDICT: Project Nemesis #3 is sure to please returning fans and cements the series as the comic book equivalent of a rowdy and rambunctious R-rated monster flick!

You can find out more about Project Nemesis #3 by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

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That’s all for now, my fellow comic book sniffers! Remember not to shoot the orange membranes (always good advice).

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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