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‘Project Nemesis #2:’ Comic Book Review (Definitely Not a Sasquatch!)

American Gothic Press is feeding the comic community’s kaiju-addiction again with the release of the second issue of Project Nemesis, written by Jeremy Robinson and featuring the art of Matt Frank. Playing on some of the classic tropes of the genre (fire-breathing monsters, mad scientists, experiments combining man and monster, etc.), Project Nemesis continues – in its second issue – to be a series that is full of terrifying creatures, exciting action, and a heavy dose of fun!


Project Nemesis #2 picks up with our two leads, Sheriff Collins and Jon Hudson of the DHS, tracking down the laboratory-created kaiju on a bloody rampage in the forests of Maine. While they end up uncovering some more about the military’s connection to the monster and pick up a new ally with a chopper and a colorful vocabulary, Collins and Hudson spend most of the issue witnessing the effects of the deadly, efficient slaughtering skills of the creature they seek to stop. (Jason Voorhees would be proud.) Robinson’s script is action packed and written with a “b-movie” sense of glee. It’s also an interesting choice that Robinson makes by removing the kaiju from the typical urban, city environment and placing it, essentially, in the wild.

Frank does an excellent job of bringing Robinson’s story to life and, as usual, excels with his depiction of the monster and its reign of terror. Frank also contributes a chilling cover image that is sure to attract a few “flip-through” purchases on the newsstand. Praises must also be given again to colorist Diego Rodriguez whose talents make Frank’s art really “pop” and matches the inherent excitement and thrill present in Robinson’s script.

FINAL VERDICT: Project Nemesis #2 really makes it feel like the series is finding its footing and letting readers know what to expect from the tone and feel of the series. This book is perfect for those who enjoy fun, violent monster flicks that are full of action, laughs, and a high body count. If a juiced-up, sci-fi version of Lake Placid or Deep Blue Sea (with a heavy dollop of Godzilla) sounds like something you’d enjoy, then Project Nemesis is your ticket to pure comic book bliss.

You can find out more about Project Nemesis #2 by visiting the official American Gothic Press website.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! And, remember, this thing is definitely not a sasquatch. If this were sasquatch related, I’d be thrilled.

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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