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‘Reyn #10:’ Comic Book Review (Final Revelations)

With the release of the final issue, this week sees the conclusion of the Image Comics’ series, Reyn, written by Kel Symons (The Mercenary Sea) and featuring the artwork of Nate Stockman (Anti-Hero). A unique blend of science fiction and fantasy, Reyn is a series that has unraveled slowly, but for those that have been following the twisting and turning tale, the payoff in the final issue is significant. Image Comics has really been cutting its teeth with quality science fiction series like Saga, Tokyo Ghost, and others, and Reyn certainly belongs in those ranks!


Reyn #10 finally reveals who/what the lead character (of the same name) is/was and what occurred on the massive starship “Fate” that led to the creation of the feudal world of magic and superstition that readers were introduced to in the very first issue. With the help of the ship’s artificial intelligence, Seph learns the true secret of the long-lost wardens and is forced to make a choice that will determine, in many ways, how the future will unfold for her and Reyn from here on out.

Symons’ final issue of Reyn may not have the emotional impact or harrowing action that previous issues have brought to the table, but the writer does an excellent job of providing a fairly satisfying answer to the mystery that’s been running through his series. While Reyn #10 might not provide the massive, action-filled climax that some readers might expect, Symons, once again, subverts expectations, revealing the origin of the “world” he’s created and setting up Seph and Reyn for potential future adventures. I absolutely loved Symons’ unique voice as writer of Image’s The Mercenary Sea, and his work on Reyn proves that he is a storyteller to follow for those looking for the unconventional and unexpected.

While, at times, I found Stockman’s work on the series a bit rough, his final issue is some of his best work on Reyn. Not only does he deliver a gorgeously appropriate cover, but the first eight pages of Reyn #10 are pretty much free of dialogue and text, giving Stockman the opportunity to show off his skills in depicting vast, epic, fantasy realms and to mine the emotional tone of the writer he’s working with. It also doesn’t hurt at all that Paul Little provides a stunning coloring job (continuing Image’s penchant for amazing colorists), benefiting both Stockman’s and Symons‘ work with his talents.

FINAL VERDICT: Like a mashup of Duncan Jones’ Moon and the Lucasfilm fantasy epic, Willow, Reyn is a comic series that should appeal to both fans of sci-fi and fantasy, along with all those in between. Reyn is one of those stories that (until recently) can only be done in comics, so dig in and enjoy the kind of storytelling that you really won’t find anywhere else!

You can find out more about Reyn at the official Image Comics website. Issue#10 is available starting today, November 18th, 2015.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers. Now, don’t mind me while I go talk to the voice inside my head . . .

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