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‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters:’ Film Review (Not Your Daddy’s Justice League)

Dark, alternate universes are nothing new to the comic book genre, but there does always seem to be something exciting about a new, dark, alternate universe featuring your favorite superheroes. That type of Elseworlds thrill is exactly what Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) and the rest of the cast and crew have crafted with the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Featuring an impressively talented cast and completely new takes on the iconic characters of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many others, Gods and Monsters continues the “winning streak” of quality superhero stories that DC Animated seems destined to deliver.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters tells the story of DC’s mighty three, but with the addition of some very important twists. (We’re not talking lemons, kiddies.) Anyone who knows Timm, Sam Liu, Alan Burnett, Andrea Romano, and the many other talented individuals behind Gods and Monsters knows to expect great things from this team (They’re almost their own version of a Justice League!), and I’m happy to report that they don’t disappoint. Depicting a world were the Justice League maintains the peace with brutal, efficient, and sometimes lethal force, Gods and Monsters introduces audiences toa Superman who is the son of the merciless General Zod, Kirk Langstrom’s (not Bruce Wayne) vampiric Batman, and a New God Wonder Woman whose origin is the animated equivalent of Game of Thrones’ notorious “red wedding.” When a mysterious enemy attempts to frame the controversial superhero team for the murder of several renowned scientists around the world, the heroes (or, perhaps more correctly, anti-heroes) find themselves at odds with President Amanda Waller and the U.S. government, while attempting to unravel the mystery of who is behind their manufactured “fall from grace.”

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a unique and mature vision of the DC universe, and, while it does feature some rough violence and subtle sexuality, it’s a film that will easily be enjoyed both by teens and adults. Those who have enjoyed the previous DC animated releases will certainly get a kick out of this one, as well, and it has a number of surprises and nods that will satisfy the hardcore DC fans. Benjamin Bratt (Superman), Michael C. Hall (Batman), and Tamara Taylor (Wonder Woman) absolutely bring their characters to life with their strong and layered performances. Paget Brewster (Lois Lane), C. Thomas Howell (Will Magnus), and Jason Isaacs (Lex Luthor) also offer solid and interesting takes on their characters.

All in all, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is another excellent release from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line and required viewing for any DC fan.

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