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‘Gunsuits #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Wormholes, Monsters, and Mechs)

With the success of kaiju-filled flicks like Pacific Rim and Gareth Edwards’ recent version of Godzilla, it’s clear that there’s a monster-sized appetite in geekdom for large, city-crushing, people-eating monster sagas. Well, American Gothic Press and Famous Monsters of Filmland aim to feed that growing appetite with their new and exciting Gunsuits comic series written by Paul Tobin (Prometheus: Fire and Stone) and featuring the artwork of PJ Holden (Judge Dredd) and Darick Robertson (The Boys). The names involved are impressive, and Gunsuits #1 clearly sets a high bar for future issues.


One of the biggest strengths of Gunsuits #1 is the fact that it immediately throws the reader into a world of chaotic action and post-apocalyptic adventure. Tobin’s fascinating, dark, and incredibly geeky tale focuses on mech pilot Cassandra Potts’ search through a multitude of alternate universes for a way to save her Earth from invading, inter-dimensional, Cthulu-esque beasts. Feeling like a mutant mix of the best parts of films like Edge of Tomorrow, The Terminator, and Pacific Rim, Tobin delivers an engaging plot with a number of clever elements that will appeal to even the casual sci-fi or monster fan. In addition, Potts is already coming off as a relatable, interesting, well-rounded, and definitively badass heroine in just the first issue, a feat that’s not always easy to accomplish with any lead character right out of the gate. (I’ve already cast Katee Sackhoff as Potts in the film version of Gunsuits being shot in my own personal alternate universe.)

Tobin’s story also has the benefit of Holden’s excellent and exciting artwork. Incredibly detailed, yet comic book-esque enough in style to punch up the fun, Holden’s artwork sizzles with “energy” on the page, despite the static medium it exists in. While Holden’s talents for depicting exciting robot vs. monster battles and post-apocalyptic future tech are to be praised, I would be remiss to not mention the amount of sheer awesomeness that colorist Diego Rodriguez brings to the book. Rodriguez’s vibrant colors help sell every panel of art present, from the hideously bright green of the organic acid melting human flesh, to the dulled paint job on Potts’ mech, to everything in between.

FINAL VERDICT: Definitely pick this one up or (even better) add it to your pull list. If the concept of mechs battling monsters isn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps the reputation and quality of Famous Monsters of Filmland and their involvement is. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps the incredibly talented and impressive creative team attached is. If that still isn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps I can convince you with the blunt declaration that if you enjoyed films like Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim, or any of the other popular sci-fi flicks I mentioned, then you will dig the heck out of Gunsuits. If you still remain unconvinced, then, in all honesty, I’m surprised that you even made it this far into this review, and I thank you for at least hearing me out.

(P.S. You should still pick up a copy.)

You can find out more about Gunsuits by visiting the official American Gothic Press website. Gunsuits #1 will be available for purchase on ComiXology starting on June 3rd.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Time to get back to the casting session taking placein my own personal alternate universe.

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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