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‘Torrid Comics Presents a Collective Adventure of Tenacity:’ Comic Book Review

While I’ve discussed in my reviews before how the superhero comic genre is dominated by titans of DC and Marvel and, because of this, it can be tough climb for an indie superhero book, it’s really no surprise that fans continue to be inspired by tales of those who buck the system in order to protect the innocent and battle the forces of evil. Torrid Comics Presents a Collective Adventure of Tenacity is one of these inspired tales, and while the book is certainly rough around the edges, it is also an obvious product of pure fanboy passion and love for the superhero genre!


A Collective Adventure of Tenacity introduces a number of Torrid Comics’ heroes and attempts to set the stage for further adventures with a classic anthology format featuring four “mini adventures.” The Batman-esque Lonewolf character is featured in a story by writer Jeffrey Michael that feels like an ‘80s action flick with its brutal street violence, while his Shogun character comes off like a samurai version of Marvel’s Ultron. Speaking of Marvel, writer/artist Nicholas Garza’s Knight Fire is sure to remind readers of a masked version of Johnny Storm, but Garza really shines with the dynamic duo of (the massive) Bumper and (the robotic) Pinball. Given their ricochet attack, quirky dialogue, and just plain originality, Bumper and Pinball are easily the stand-out characters of the book.

While the plots of the “mini adventures” are too short to ever allow for more than a brief introduction to the various characters, they are still fairly enjoyable and show potential for a halfway decent alternative comic book superhero universe down the road. Structurally, the scripts could use a few adjustments, mainly around the transitions at the various abrupt endings in the book and the lettering in “Shogun” which seems a little cramped.

Garza is the featured artist throughout, and his style works well throughout the book while still allowing each “mini adventure” to have its own flavor. While I enjoyed the interior artwork, I do feel that A Collective Adventure of Tenacity could use a less generic cover image (and perhaps a shorter, more exciting title).

FINAL VERDICT: While A Collective Adventure of Tenacity feels a little too much like a rough draft of a first issue, I think the characters, dialogue, and artwork could still entice me to pick up another issue. If you’re a big superhero comic fan and are looking for something new and unique, this book is worth it based on Bumper and Pinball alone.

You can find out more about A Collective Adventure of Tenacity and Torrid Comics by visiting their Facebook page or picking up a copy at Drive Thru Comics.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers.

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-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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