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‘Satanic Hell #2:’ UPDATED Comic Book Review – (We Still Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Religion!)

The second issue of the indie industrial metal comic known as Satanic Hell is now available at ComiXology, and given the seven-issue series is now being published by creator-owned indie house Alterna, it’s never been a better time to follow the band members of “Satanic Hell” as they battle religious extremism when they are “trapped in a dystopian Texas ruled by religious fanatics.” While this my not be the comic book to take to Sunday school with you, it’s chock full of in-you-face attitude, rebellious mayhem, and plenty of reasons to rock!


Alterna Comics released Satanic Hell #2 on ComiXology on January 14th, and the second issue of the series created by writer Grigoris Douros “continues the story of a death metal band cutting their way through their own personal Hell: an uber-exaggerated, super right-wing, and ultra-religious Texas!” Douros and the rest of his creative team [Artist Kevin Enhart (215 Ink, Hound Comics), artist Newel Anderson, colorist Jimmy Kerast (Akileos, Markosia), and letterer E.T. Dollman (Image, Arcana, Ape)] build upon the first issue, expanding our knowledge on the band and its members, as well as letting the readers see them in action. The “evil” religious council controlling Texas also emerges as a larger adversary for our protagonists and hint at the plans they have in store for the band.

Even though the series is been rereleased by Alterna, my feelings from my initial review of the second issue of Satanic Hell still stand, especially in regards to feeling that it “operates best when it’s viewed as the sequential art equivalent of an inspired, yet rough, cut of a B-movie.” While there’s a real “Robert Rodriguez flair to the concept,” there are still moments where it feels like the story is taking itself a little too seriously. While the satire style of the books is, for the most part, perfect for Douros’ tale, there are times where it feels like “an angry rant against religion that doesn’t take the complexity of the issue into account.” In the case of Satanic Hell, it is best to just follow my earlier advice and “just hold on for the ride.”

Even given my slight criticism, I think Satanic Hell is a series well worth checking out, and both artist Enhart and colorist Kerast help bring an impressive, expressive, and atmospheric visual style to the book.

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Find out more about Satanic Hell and check out some free previews of the book by visiting the official Alterna Comics website. Satanic Hell #2 is currently available for purchase on ComiXology.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers!

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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