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‘Man vs. Rock: Volume Two’ – Comic Book Review (Are Your Ready to Rock?)

Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 has dropped, my fellow comic book sniffers, and the brutal war between the human race and naturally formed aggregates of mineral matter is as vicious, hilarious, and entertaining as ever! In this issue, the rocks finally initiate their global scheme to end mankind forever, and only renowned professor of Geology (or potential mentally unstable homeless vagrant) Buck Stone can save us all! DAMN YOU, ROCKS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 continues the epic, yet humorous, tale from the premiere issue, following hero (Or anti-hero? Or anti-everything?) Buck Stone as he continues his crusade of vengeance against rocks, stones, boulders, etc. Stone refuses to let anything stand in the way of the war he is waging, not even innocent bystanders, but despite his efforts, the rocks are able to initiate their world-wide attack (heavily inspired by the plot of Independence Day . . . Rocks love that flick.). Writers Victor DeTroy and Kevin Bieber deliver a script that is more “Kevin Smith” than “Mel Brooks” this time around (These boys do love their d*** jokes!), but also continue their trend of being bizarrely hilarious, easily accessible, and absolutely entertaining. Coming off with a tone similar to a Seth Macfarlane-directed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 pushes the limits, endangers small children, puppies, and kittens, and will easily offend those who are a fan of maintaining a rigid pole inside their posterior. In short, it’s pretty @#$%ing funny.

Last, but not least in an sense of the phrase, is the artwork of Jared Lamp. The interior art work of Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 is a little more messy and gritty than the first issue, but Lamp’s style continues to be perfect for the series. Lamp brings a vivid energy to the book through his art that meshes perfectly with the humor and insanity of DeTroy and Beiber’s script.

FINAL VERDICT: Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 gets a rock-solid (I couldn’t resist) recommendation from this Comic Book Slayer, and I think anyone who digs Kevin Smith films, Family Guy, or any of the decent parody films out there will benefit by picking up this comic series. Remember, my fellow comic book sniffers, if you don’t support indie comics, the rocks win.

Find out more about Man vs. Rock: Volume 2 and its creators, and check out some free previews of the book by visiting the official website at Man vs. Rock: Volume 1 is currently available for purchase on

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That’s all for now, comic book sniffers!

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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