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‘Monomyth #3:’ Comic Book Review (No Fall from Grace for This Miniseries!)

Monomyth #3, the final chapter of writer Siike Donnelly and artist Eric Ninaltowski’s epic, alternate take on Biblical mythology, is released this week and ends OSSM Comics’ standout miniseries with the same energy, passion, and solid storytelling that have been present throughout all three issues. If you haven’t picked up this distinct and surprising comic book, don’t despair, for there is still time to enter this Garden of Eden!


Monomyth #3 picks up where the last issue left off, with Enoch, Lucifer, and the people of Eden facing the fallen angel, Michael, and his demon/zombie horde. While there is much loss in the vicious battle, Enoch, Lucifer, and their allies brainstorm a tactic that may turn the tide in the ongoing conflict. The only question is who and what will still be standing once the dust clears.

Donnelly doesn’t hold back during his final issue, and readers will be excited by the long-anticipated final battle between former-allies-turned-enemies Lucifer and Michael. Monomyth #3 is easily the most action-packed issue so far in the series, featuring zombie hordes, brutal sword fights, and a number of unexpected twists and turns. In the end, for better or worse, Donnelly’s surviving characters live in a less perfect world and have learned a lesson about the folly of youth and how the “boredom” of peace and prosperity can be easily misunderstood or taken for granted by those who know nothing else. As a very wise, very short, green guy once said, “Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.” Now, I’m not saying Donnelly is a Jedi Knight or anything (You know what they say about hokey religions and ancient weapons.), but I imagine Yoda’s sentiment is one close to his heart and threaded deep in the DNA of Monomyth.

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Ninaltowski brings his all to the final issue of Monomyth, as well. First to be mentioned has to be Ninaltowski’s awesomely epic and tragic cover. Not only is it a brilliant and eye-catching image, but it communicates the exact emotional tone of Monomyth #3. The artwork through the book is stellar, as has been the case consistently with Ninaltowski’s contributions, and while Executive Producer of Supernatural Adam Glass already pays the artist the compliment of comparing him to a “young Jim Lee” in a pull quote on the cover of Monomyth #3, I’d go one step further and state that Ninaltowski’s style is not only comparable to a “young Jim Lee,” but lacks the “cheesecake element” that plagues the comics of the ’90s.

Finally, I’ve got to give a well-deserved shout-out to the vivid colors of Peejay Catacutan and the skilled lettering job done by Steve Wands and Warren Montgomery. Lettering is still a talent that is not fully respected the way it should be in the indie comic book scene, but Monomyth #3 is a great example of how a great lettering team can raise the caliber of the book. I especially loved the subtle font change for the dialogue spoken by God in this issue. It speaks to the quality and attention to detail that is present throughout Monomyth as a whole.

FINAL VERDICT: Monomyth has turned out to be an exciting, alternate vision of Lucifer,Eden, and the plight of God’s creations. I sincerely recommend picking up all three issues of this well-written and beautifully illustrated series. If readers have enjoyed other heroic takes on classic mythology (such as the Thor films from Marvel Studios), then ignore the devil in your ear and pick up this Monomyth today!

You can find out more about Monomyth at the official website or at the OSSM Comics website.

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That’s all for now, comic book sniffers!

’Till the end of the world,
Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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